Discover your purpose… in Andalusia


Join our partner Quinter on a unique journey which activates your body and purpose at the same time. Learn how to navigate and lead in a complex world with meaning and impact.

“Discovering our why is one of the first and most important steps towards sustainable success”

Quinter’s new concept, Journey of Purpose, will help you take this step. This unique 6-day journey including 3-days of hiking through the Sierra Nevada helps you integrate the discovery of your unique why with your work.

This Andalusia trip takes place from September 19-24, 2017. Do you want more information? Please fill out this form below.


This trip by our partner Quinter is part of the LEAP Travel family. It follows the familiar LEAP-flow of Landing, Exposure, Awareness and Purification. Want to know more (in Dutch)?

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About Mark & Raquel

Raquel Ark is the founder of Listening Alchemy, putting listening on the radar as a foundational skill for leadership and collaboration. She is an American living in Germany who has over 20 years’ experience managing, coaching, facilitating and teaching in the communication field. She has a Master of Arts degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and is a certified professional coach as well as a Transformational Presence and Leadership coach.

“My purpose is to help individuals become much better listeners which is the doorway to understanding, the bridge to connections and the foundation of trust.”

Mark Braber is the founder of Quinter, leadership and organizational transformation in The Netherlands. He is highly experienced in facilitating organizations, teams and individuals to flourish. Furthermore Mark has a Master of Science degree in Economics and is a certified Transformational Presence and Leadership coach with wide experience in facilitating leadership journeys all over the world. Mark’s purpose:

“My deeply felt inner calling is that I enable others to live and work according to their true essence.”

Why the Journey of Purpose in Andalusia?

Spending time in another culture and in nature opens the mind. A new surrounding opens new perspectives. Physical movement by hiking through the Sierra Nevada will increase the movement of your ideas. With a maximum of 10 participants, you will have individualized coaching as needed.

Slow down to agile up

Time to clear your mind, move your body and reflect on your journey. Learn and practice new frameworks that will help you work with more purpose and agility. Listen and explore with others who are also committed to discovering and living their purpose.

What do you need to know?

The most important details are listed below:


Price: €2.499,- per person excluding VAT.

Bring a friend to discover their purpose too: €2.349,- per person excluding VAT.

Group and individual coaching by two experienced coaches with a maximum of 10 participants. An individual coaching session before and after the trip with one of the coaches via Skype. All transport, airport transfers and transport between places. All meals such as breakfast, tea/coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, snacks etc. Accommodation on the basis of single rooms in nice central hotels in Granada and Guejar Sierra, mountain gites and a luxurious olive farm. Certified mountain guide and tour leader to manage all logistics. Donkeys to carry our luggage.

Tips, Souvenirs, Flight expenses


Arrival at Malaga airport by 18:00 September 19, 2017. Departure from Malaga Airport after 16:30 (check-out time) September 24, 2017. Longer Stay options available, please ask us for more info.


You will arrive in Malaga and be transferred to City Hotel Granada. During the rest of the journey we will stay in different hotels and mountain gites along the way in Guejar Sierra, Sierra Nevada and Córdoba with a final transfer to the Malaga airport. Prices are based on single rooms in nice central hotels and mountain gites as well as a luxurious olive farm.


English will be the main language in the group. Even so, Mark and Raquel can also speak Dutch, Spanish and German in order to adapt to your individual coaching needs.

Program outline

Day 1, Arrival: Be welcomed to your Journey of Purpose by beginning in Granada to get settled the evening before.

Day 2, Landing: After a morning of getting grounded and setting clear intentions, we will visit the impressive Alhambra and enjoy a Tapas lunch in a unique way to begin to open new perspectives

Day 3-5, The Journey of Purpose with life and work: We will spend 3-5 hours hiking interspersed with discoveries and experiences throughout each day.

Day 6, Preparing for take-off: In the beautiful olive region, you will have the opportunity to take what you have discovered and integrate it into your vision and next steps so that you can carry it back with you ready for the next phase of your journey.

Why is discovering your purpose so important?

  • It is the foundation for being both happy and successful
  • Live and work according to your true essence
  • Feel aligned and connected while having impact that gives you meaning
  • Increase your agility amidst the complex around you
  • Create the conditions for flow and creativity
  • Let yourself dream and get clear about your next steps
  • Knowing your purpose creates space to work well with others

You can choose where to put your own focus. If you need time for yourself, it’s ok. If the group can help you, that’s ok too.

Why would you join this trip?

Well, good questions. We’ve listed some of the reasons why:

Develop yourself

Because you’re looking for the right path in life. Or confirm that you are already there. Because you want to discover your role in impacting this world. A LEAP-trip gives you clarity and make you aware of the bigger potential.

A new perspective

Because sometimes you need to step out of your own, safe environment to take some real steps. Another country, culture and other people can help you find a new perspective. About yourself, your life and the world around you.


Because you think something new and uncharted is interesting; because you’re curious about LEAP, about a new way to travel and about creating more awareness in yourself.

A new way to travel

Because you want to be part of, as we do at Riksja Travel, a much larger journey. We believe we are on the brink of a new era, in which working from your potential and own source of wisdom is essential. LEAP is our contribution to that and we hope you’d like to make this journey with us.

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